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Alexandre FLEURY

Alexandre Fleury

27 ans - LE PIAN MEDOC (33290) France

Situation professionnelle

En recherche active

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Marketing & Business Development
De 2 à 5 ans
Non renseigné
Type de contrat
Indifférent - Indifférent
- Chargé d'Affaires
- Assistant Marketing, Communication, Publicité
- Planeur stratégique
- Administration publique et défense ; sécurité sociale obligatoire
- Transports aériens
- Industrie automobile


An ASW helicopter and a MPA will traditionally team with a surface ship to prosecute an underwater target. Both of them will deploy multiple sonobuoys and then utilize tactical sensor systems installed on the surface ship, the helicopter and the MPA can localize the target. Both can track and if necessary, attack a submarine with lightweight torpedoes MU90 (resulting from a Franco-Italian cooperation between Naval Group and Leonardo). Sonar Flash a dipping sonar from Thales allows the helicopter to listen for and transmit underwater electronic signals while in a "hover" or stationary mode. In partnership with Thales and Naval Group, VSR 700 is a new generation vertical take-off and landing tactical unmanned aerial system being built by Airbus. In addition to integrated a range of optional payloads including, a Thales ASW module with a sonobuoy launcher, this aerial platform can perform a wide range of missions SAR, ISR, target acquisition, harbour protection, border patrol, and anti-piracy.

Passionate about new technologies and geopolitical issues, I was able to highlight my experiences in the field of anti-submarine warfare (ASW), intelligence surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) and mine countermeasure (MCM) for THALES DMS and NAVAL GROUP ASW BU. I was able to analyze SSK submarines segment as well as sonar ASW (Sonar Flash), VTOL (VSR 700), AUV (AUSS, D19, D19-T), lightweight torpedoes and heavyweight torpedoes (MU90, F21), countermeasures (CANTO V, CANTO S) and decoy launching systems in order to quantify and qualify the state of the art in these areas. These experiences allowed me to measure the importance of analyzing the market with the aim of implementing an effective product strategy. I also became aware of the current and future strategic challenges by conducting market surveys, business plan, business forecasts, and to develop a product benchmark.

Willing to work in France or abroad, I am eager to meet the challenges.

Expérience professionnelle

Adjoint assistant marketing

DCNS , Saint tropez - Stage

De Janvier 2018 à Juin 2018

_ Etude de marché à l'international
_ Construction de business plan
_ Contribuer à dé????nir une stratégie pays/produits.
_ Visite de la frégate de défense aérienne "FORBIN"
_ Préparer le salon EURONAVAL
_ Veille technologique quotidienne sous-marins SSK, torpilles, contre-mesures anti-torpilles, lanceurs
- Rédaction et mise en page des l'executive summary
- Analyse Benchmarking

Formation complémentaire

BTS Commerce International

Nicolas Brémontier - Commerce International

2012 à 2014



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